Stephen Racano - Head of Growth

Here are are two tips that you can put straight to work tonight:

1. Start Slowly with Your Night Cream
Retinol is one of the most important and powerful ingredients in your regimen. It fights aging, oil and acne all at the same time and it's the primary ingredient in your night cream. It works by catalyzing cell turnover. And it really works. So follow the instructions in your package: for the first week use it every other night, to allow your skin time to acclimate to it. If you have questions about this or you sense a change in your skin that you want to discuss, let us know! That's what we're here for.

2. Be Patient
Your Geologie regimen is the real deal. Powerful active ingredients tailored for you will make a difference in your skin. Those differences will also last, but they take time to get going. I tell all of my patients that you must commit for a full month to see the benefits (and that's why you're starting with a full month supply). During this month you may notice an adjustment period as your regimen begins to work. This is normal, but if you feel something isn't right, let us know. Our top priority is your success. 

Hope you enjoy these tips!