Regimen #36

Some Skincare Tips From a Married Guy

Before Trying Geologie for the first time, I was that typical married guy that would just try whatever his wife had in the shower, but it wasn’t as effective because our skin is totally different.

They have a very personalized and easy to follow consultation process to really pin-point your specific trouble areas, and even go as far as taking photos of your face, just so they can see exactly what you’re dealing with.

Looking for a regimen to tackle YOUR trouble areas?

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You don’t want to be filling out a 400 page questionnaire, right? Geologie really tries to drill down what makes guys' skin types different and unique, and then create, you know specific regimens there that help your skin, which is different then your significant other or the next guy.

Want us to pick the products tailored to YOUR skin?

Even during the day I’ve been using Eye Cream a lot lately. This has been working well for my under-eyes, they used to be really bad.

As I started using Geologie, within two weeks I saw a lot of great changes to my own skin. But in a month my wife noticed. And that was for the first time in 9 years of being married to this woman, that she ever gave me compliments on my skin.

Now my skin is still far from perfect, but I absolutely would have not made as much progress if it wasn’t for the Geologie regimen.

What do you have to lose?

Just try it out.