I'm really not too familiar with skincare. Is Geologie for me?

100%. We’ve all had a different discovery moment in skincare and we want Geologie to be that for you. We’ve built the Geologie experience to be simple, easy, satisfying and, above all else, effective. It works and it should be the only thing you need to step into the game.

I already have a skincare regimen. Is Geologie for me?

Our product mission is to make the very best skincare products on the market – at any price and for anyone. Give us a try and compare it to what you’re currently using. Then let us know what you think. As someone who’s already well versed in skincare, your opinion is incredibly important to us and we want to hear it. We think you’ll be impressed.

Products & Instructions

Are your products all natural?

Our products are produced in a cGMP compliant manufacturing facility certified by the FDA to produce Cosmetics, Health & Beauty Care, OTC and Natural Products. Our primary focus is on efficacy, we believe less is more, and when it comes to ingredients we use all natural whenever we can.

Are your products ever tested on animals?

Absolutely not.

How will I know that I received the right products for me?

Try them out! Each of the products you receive and the combination of those products together has been calibrated based on your answers to our diagnostic. We’ve done the hard work to ensure that you don’t have to wade through a sea to find the right fit for you. If you’re not sure that the products are the right ones for you or are experiencing any type of reaction to them whatsoever then, first, stop using them and then reach out to us and let us know. We’ll work hard with you one-on-one to make sure that your products are perfect for you–and yes, we’d be happy to send you something else for free to get you dialed in.

Do you offer fragrance-free products

Yes. In fact, ALL of our products for customers who profile with any kind of sensitive skin are fragrance-free and most of our other products are fragrance-free too. In our products that do feature a fragrance, we only use all-natural, 100% organic essential oils that we’ve sourced from Northern California.

Do you use parabens, phthalates, sulphates or other controversial ingredients in your formulations?

Absolutely not. There’s no need. Our formulations feature only time-tested, proven active ingredients in clean, simple bases and our ingredient lists are some of the very shortest in the industry. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

What if I experience some form of irritation after using your products?

First, stop using them immediately and then get in touch with us immediately via Some irritation is completely natural and can occur while your skin acclimates to the powerful active ingredients in our products–and it’s also possible that you’ll respond better to a different Geologie regimen that’s a better fit for you. So we want to know as soon as possible if you’re having an issue so we can help you determine the best next steps.

I lost the instructions that came with my set - what do I do?

Contact us and we’ll email them to you. Your regimen is specific to you and we want to make sure you have exactly the right instructions.

Payment & Subscriptions

After my trial has ended, how much do the full sets cost?

A complete listing of the full set prices are below. Our no-hassle subscriptions are easy to manage and you can pause, cancel or skip an order anytime.

90-Day Complete Set: $148 Includes two bottles of Face Wash, one Day Cream, one Night Cream and one Eye Cream

90-Day AM + PM Regimens: $124 Includes two bottles of Face Wash, one Day Cream, one Night Cream (does not include Eye Cream)

PM Regimen + Eye Cream: $112 Includes one bottle of Face Wash, one Night Cream and one Eye Cream 90-Day

PM Regimen Only: $76 Includes one bottle of Face Wash and one Night Cream

AM Regimen + Eye Cream: $96 Includes one bottle of Face Wash, one Day Cream and one Eye Cream 90-Day

AM Regimen Only: $58 Includes one bottle of Face Wash and one Day Cream

Looking for something else? NP. If you're looking for some other configuration or have any other requests, let us know. We'll customize something special for you.

May I choose to continue my subscription with just the products that I prefer?

Yep, certainly. Our 30-day sets only come in complete sets so you can enjoy the full experience first and so that we can ensure that your personalized products are working perfectly for you. After that you can choose the combination of products that are right for you.

I'd love one cleanser for my shower and another for my sink - is that possible?

Yep. It’s how guys work. So all of our trial sets and most of our full-size sets come with two cleansers: one for the shower and another for the sink, for complete care, day and night.

May I buy the products in my regimen without a subscription?

Yep, we're testing this feature now so please try it out. After your trial just login to your account and tap the gold button that says "Order Single Products." This will show you the products in your specific regimen and you can purchase these as individual full-sized bottles and regimens or additional trial or travel sets.

Shipping & Returns

Is shipping free?

Yes it is! And we'll also pay for return shipping. Making sure you're happy is important to us.

May i discontinue after my 30-day trial purchase?

Yes, of course. You can discontinue at any time. Feel free to log-in to your account to delay your next delivery or cancel your subscription. Or just send us a note and we'll take care of it for you. No hassles.

What is your refund and return policy?

If you're not happy with your 30-day trial set within 14 days of receiving it just send an email to and we'll take care of your refund. We may require that your unused product be returned to us and will refund your purchase within 7 days of receiving your return. We do not offer returns on 90-day sets.

Contact & Customer Service

How can I contact you?

Please reach out directly, right now, via We love to hear your questions and we answer everything. Get in touch!

I'm a member of the press and want to learn more about Geologie. What's next?

Contact us! We’d love to hear from you and we’d love to share the story and mission of Geologie with you.

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