Regimen #28

Meet Gwilym, a skincare newbie.

Skincare has never been in my priority list. But living in London with not ideal air quality and with fair skin, I knew my skin was something I had to start paying attention to.

Gwilym took the diagnostic and was assigned regimen #28 — focused around sun protection, wrinkle reduction and under-eye bag control.

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The thing I’m most impressed with with Geologie is they pick the products for you. For a guy like me — generally pretty lazy when it comes to skincare — that is absolutely priceless.

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My Geologie night cream has retinol that I've never used before. It’s a really important ingredient that makes the product really high-quality.

As an avid traveler, one of the best things about the Geologie system is the fact that you get 90 days worth of product in a 50 ml container. So you don’t have to mess around with loads of different travel items or whatever, you’ve got it all here and you can put it straight in your hand luggage.

This Geologie system is the only skincare regimen that I’ve stuck to for a solid period of thirty days. I’m really happy and would definitely recommend it for any guy out there who hasn’t had skincare at the top of their priority list but knows they need to.

So why wait, right?

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