We don’t just make products that work for your skin, we make products that work for your skin, together. Each Geologie ingredient contributes to the activity of its formula as much as it adds to your skin’s health.

A Complete Regimen for YOUR Skin
For a clear complexion it’s just as important to promote the growth of healthy cells as it is to remove unhealthy cells. Too often skin routines focus on one or the other—on either promoting skin hydration or stripping excess oils. By following a set regimen, you can be sure to promote skin hydration and sebum production, while still stripping off dead skin cells and excess oils when needed.

In the morning, use the Everyday Face Wash to rinse off the night’s shed cells and prime your skin for optimal uptake of the Vital Morning Face Cream. At night, use the cleanser to rid the day’s dirt and excess oils, the Repairing Night Cream to put back in healthy oils that may have been stripped with cleansing and the Nourishing Eye Cream to give your delicate undereye dermis an extra boost.

Each of Geologie’s products are effective as stand-alone skincare solutions, but are intentionally optimized to work in concert with each other and with your skin over the course of the day. We formulated specifically with this goal in mind.

complete skincare set

A Complete Regimen That Works Together
Each of the four Geologie products were formulated as part of a regimen. We didn’t make random cleansers, a moisturizer, and an eye cream and throw them in similar packaging. Instead, we used consistent ingredients across the board, ensuring your skin is not exposed to dramatic changes in pH, surfactant harshness, or incompatible moisturizers.

We’re particularly proud of the use of dynamic duos across the regimen. These are pairs of ingredients that boost each others’ performance, even if each is present at different steps in the regimen. For example, we use gentle surfactants in combination with tough-acting salicylic acid and retinol for an effective clean that isn’t over-drying and safe for everyday use. We use olivates and coconut oils for light-weight textures that are still able to deliver powerful sebum control. We use linoleic acid-rich grape seed oil to support balanced skin oils and aloe leaf juice to balance skin’s low pH. All in an effort to provide an effective clean, without stripping the skin of its key nutrients. Everything in moderation for a balanced skincare routine.

The Takeaway
At Geologie, we've rejected random formulation for intentional formulation. We believe in making no-fuss products in a no-fret routine, personalized for you. To do that, we paid close attention to how each ingredient works in the formulas and on your skin. With Geologie, there’s security in knowing that your products are perfected together, and personalized for you.

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