When it comes to taking care of your skin, most men don’t know what to buy or how to get into a routine that will really work. It’s little wonder why: The idea of skincare was not something that men learned while growing up, certainly not from Dad. Reverence for Derek Jeter? Yes. The cool efficiency of a Honda Accord? Sure. The importance of SPF and moisturizer? You’d have an easier time asking for tips on selecting the right man-girdle.

Times Have Changed

Nowadays, for men there’s more of an emphasis on maintaining a younger face for longer. That’s why more men go to the spa than ever before (48% of spa-goers are men, according to a report from Mintel), and more men are adopting skincare regimens.

Finally, men are realizing something that women have long known: that it’s just as important to promote the growth of healthy cells as it is to remove unhealthy cells, to moisturize while still stripping off dead skin cells and excess oils. Too often, skin routines focus on one or the other.

A Complete Regimen for YOUR Skin

Thing is, there are dozens of variables that make skin-types as numerous as Spinal Tap drummers. Oily, dry, flaky, blemished, sensitive, acne-scarred, etc. The key is finding the right regimen for your skin.

That’s where Geologie’s personalized approach comes in. Just take a 30-second quiz (no studying required!) and we’ll personalize a complete regimen for you, with real active ingredients that address your skin and your priorities.

Each regimen contains just four products that make up a simple and fast routine. Just a minute in the morning and a minute at night is all it takes.

First, in the morning, the Everyday Face Wash will rinse off the dead skin cells that accumulated while you were sleeping (we’re all shedding constantly, like reptiles). That clears the runway for the Vital Morning Face Cream, which is a dual moisturizer and SPF (think two-way baseball player Shohei Ohtani) — the key to preserving your now-face.

At night, use the Face Wash to rid the day’s dirt and excess oils; the Repairing Night Cream will restore healthy oils that may have been stripped during cleansing, while getting to work on wrinkles and fine lines. And the Nourishing Eye Cream will give your delicate under eye an extra lightening boost.

A Complete Regimen That Works Together

Although each of these four products are effective as stand-alones, they were formulated to work as a team (think L.A. Lakers, not N.Y. Knicks) with real active ingredients at effective concentrations.

Many brands (in fact most brands, unfortunately) don’t use the good stuff — or at least not enough to make a difference. We don’t play that. Everything we do is thoroughly considered — the ingredients, formulations, the exact number of pumps to use, the guy with a mullet on our blog, etc. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

What’s the good stuff? Here’s a breakdown of the core active ingredients in our regimens and what they do:

  • Niacinamide: an all-star skin-nourishing workhorse that improves skin tone and surface texture.
  • Hyaluronic acid: A super-strength moisturizer that draws water to the top layers of your skin and keeps it there all day.
  • Retinol: By promoting healthy cell regeneration, this is the king of ingredients for oil control, acne and blackhead prevention, scar reduction and anti-aging. Don’t use a regimen without it.
  • Salicylic Acid: a time-tested liquid exfoliator that completely clears pores but is gentle enough for everyday use.
  • Kojic Acid: One of the only ingredients in the world that actively limits melanin production to lighten dark under eyes.
  • SPF 10: The best way to look younger is to not look old in the first place. Use SPF, everyday. Period.

Finally, we’ve combined these in a pH-balanced regimen that works together in perfect harmony, side by side...(thank you Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder).

The Takeaway

At Geologie, we know you like no-fuss products in a no-fret routine, 60 seconds in the morning, 60 seconds at night, personalized for you in a regimen that really works.

Sure, check out our list of awards or peruse the myriad of 5-star reviews on our site, but until you give it a whirl, you won’t really know what millions of other guys are catching on to: skincare is like a gymnasium for your face.

So do yourself a favor. Slow the hands of time, feel better about yourself and discover your personalized regimen today.

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