BDGE's Nick Ercolano Talks Geologie, the M Word & Fantasy Football


When he’s not talking about quarterbacks, Nick Ercolano, founder of fantasy football lifestyle brand BDGE (Big Dog Gotta Eat), is into skincare. He started using Geologie about a year and a half ago, and says “they got my skin feeling fantastic.” 

On staying pretty forever: “I know a lot of my audience is younger dudes who think you're going to be pretty forever. I've got news for you — you're not,” said Ercolano. “You're going to get old quickly unless you take care of yourself, and a lot of y'all do not take care of your face, which is very important if you want to stay young forever, like I do.” 

Face-body connection: “The same way you take care of your body, you need to take care of your skin, otherwise you're gonna get the bags under your eyes, you're gonna start getting wrinkles and you're gonna look terrible,” said Ercolano. “We're not in the business of looking terrible.” 

Do this one thing: ​​”Honestly, if you wash your face like one time per day, if you did just that, you'll be ahead of 95% of males in America, and your face will feel amazing,” said Ercolano. 

The M word: “I know a lot of people don't like to use the M word, but we're going to do it. It's called moisturizer,” said Ercolano. “After you put on the Vital Morning Cream, your face is nice, perfect, no blemishes, no oil anymore. If you're going outside, especially during the winter, your skin is getting rashy and red and that makes all that stuff pop up on your face, and it also causes wrinkles, and bags under your eyes. This is where vital morning face cream comes in.”

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