Skincare For Men? Yes, It Does Exist And It'll Make You Feel Good.

Humans are marvelously adaptable creatures, so by now, you've probably established a quarantine routine that you're fairly happy with. Waking up at 8:59, opening your computer on your pillow, brushing your teeth in the underwear you haven't changed in three weeks. It's easy, but it's definitely not healthy. Don't you see? Now's the time to get your self-care on, my man.


Because Geologie says so! Your skin is precious and vulnerable, and drooling all over your face and getting food caught in your beard isn't good for it. (We see you. We know.) With fewer constraints on your time, you finally have the freedom to establish a skincare routine more effective than haphazardly slapping a bar of plain soap against your face, and you're -- what? Dunking your head in that bathtub of water you've left standing since March and calling it good? You're on track to look like Nick Nolte when you're 28! Get it together! Read More

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