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Rewarding Payments

Get paid for every sale. Commissions that stay with you.

FREE Product

Try our products completely FREE (so you can fall in love first) before you start recommending and selling.

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No physical inventory to carry. It’s easy for your clients to purchase direct and get credit for your sales.

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What’s in it for
your clients?

Award-Winning Products

A chance to experience leading premium haircare products they can’t find anywhere else at the lowest prices available.

Their Best Hair Yet

Custom Control Co-Wash is specially formulated to hydrate the scalp and deeply moisturize follicles for naturally healthy, fuller, easy-to-style hair.

Huge Savings

5mL of Co-Wash does the job of 20mL of shampoo + conditioner, resulting in less than half the cost and plastic waste over time.

Traditional Premium Shampoos

Around 16 bottles per year,
up to $480

Custom Control Haircare

7 eco-friendly pouches a year,
at $229


Am a bit surprised with how easy it was to sign up. Got approved and was selling product within days. My clients love Geologie Co-Wash, it’s an easy sell.

— Daria | Oct 28, 2022

I have type 2C/3A fine curly hair and this Co-Wash is just what I needed for in-between wash days. It’s like a wash and mask mixed into one, and leaves my hair hydrated and my curls looking better than ever.

— Mariam | Nov. 2, 2022

6,000+ 5-star reviews

Your clients trust you with every hair on their head. Help them get their healthiest hair outside of your chair and keep them coming back for more.

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Joining Geologie Stylist Ambassador Program is fast, free, and boosts your bottom line doing what you love to do.