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1. Why Geologie men are irresistible

A simple routine is great, so are proven ingredients, but it doesn’t mean much if you’re not getting results. And there’s no better result than a compliment from your significant other. Or more. Here are some of them:

“My husband tells me he likes the repairing night cream best because it lightens the freckles on his cheek. He actually likes it so much he doesn't want to share it with me. I sneak it now and then, but don’t use it regularly enough to see any dramatic difference. My husband on the other hand looks amazing. Darn him! -- Tiffany

"My husband really likes this moisturizer because it is unscented and light. It is also oil-free and non-greasy, so I think it would be great for someone with acne. My husband is about to turn 60 and doesn’t have acne problems anymore, but nevertheless he like this gel lotion because it is so light and refreshing and works very well for hydrating his 'old man' face (his words!)." — Rachel


"I bought the trial pack for my husband as a present for his birthday in June — unfortunately he got stuck in our home country due to covid 19 lockdown so I decided to use it myself. I must say the products are amazing. My skin looks beautiful and it works better than most female skin care products." — Meghan

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"I got this for my husband and so far he’s really been enjoying them. He’s stated several times that his face feels softer. Not sure the eye cream has done that much for him, his eye area still remains dry with dark circles, but he’s continuing to use it until it’s gone. I think he’d like to repurchase the full size once these run out." — Roberta

"I’m 28 and my wife told me I have bags under my eyes. She broke it to me kindly lol. But that is all I needed. I truly have noticed a difference from beginning to now." — Keith

"One month in, my skin has acclimated to the regime and my skin has shown so much progress that my wife complimented me. Powerful stuff!" — Sammy

"Have been following the routine, and my wife has commented a couple of times that she thinks the wrinkles on my forehead are less visible and skin has more 'color' in the afternoon. I have noticed especially after the 3rd week the feeling of the skin on my face feels smoother. The products are more expensive than what I was spending before but not dramatically. The difference is that they actually seem to be doing something, which isn’t something I can say about the other products I have used in the past (Jack Black, Kiehl's, etc)." — Rick

"With the big change [in my skin]. my wife and daughters began 'borrowing' it even though it was personalized for me. I go through it a little more quickly but everyone in the house looks good." — Derek

"The morning cream is very light and keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day. After washing and creaming my wife won’t leave me alone. Highly recommend." — Gerald

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"I work 12-16 hour shifts at JFK, and a combination of airport recycled air conditioner and varying weather conditions leave dark often puffy under eye discoloration. I already have ebony skin that deepens the pigment in such a sensitive area. The 1st trial regime lessened those problems and at the end of using up the product, the puffy is completely gone and the usual darkness under the eye has faded 3 shades lighter! My wife asked if I was wearing her concealer makeup. 'Baby no, it’s Geologie.' Then she asked to borrow some. 'No no my Love, get your own.'" — Lawrence

"Didn’t think I would see myself doing it, but it really helps with the bags under the eyes. Plus, my wife said I'm hot when I take care of myself." — Rob

"I have a special acne cream layer I use after my face wash and it’s recommended for me to use a good moisturizer. This one does the job while also tackling my wrinkles. Better than a baby skin in the morning for the wife to do nothing else but give smooches." — Ennis

"When it came to skin care, I was like most guys: I took an emergency-only approach. If I was on a ski trip and my skin was really itchy and flaky, I’d slather on whatever body lotion the hotel left me in the wee travel bottles on my vanity. It smelled like perfume. It felt like bowling-lane lube. And any benefits seemed to pass in minutes. So when my buddy Mike started raving about his 'skin regimen' I was perplexed. He urged me to give Geologie a try. I love it. Smells clean, feels nourishing. Dude, it’s your face. Take care of it. Your wife will thank you." — Chuck Z.

"I had never used a night cream with retinol before but now I’ll never go without it. I’m not sure if it was the cream that worked or whether magical fairies massaged my face with some kind of magic oil but I can’t stop feeling my face, it’s so soft I even annoy my wife by asking her to feel my face (sad I know) but it’s true. I’ve gotten comments from other people saying I look different but better. I’d like to tell them I’m naturally good looking but I can’t lie. I tell them it’s all because of Geologie." — Joe B

"I’m only in my 3rd week using the trial kit as I had other products I wanted to use up first. But then I tried Geologie and my face looks and feels great. I thought my skin was good beforehand and my wife says I look great ( I think she might have tried it herself). She also asked if there is a women’s version as it works so well. I mainly bought it for the eye cream and although it works I was hoping for better results but I am impatient. The creams and face wash are fantastic." — Stephen

"A female colleague at work asked me recently how old I was and when I told her I was 40 she was shocked, she told me I look to be in my early 30s. So I sucked in my gut, stuck out my chest and had the biggest smile on my face. Until I tried Geologie I never got any compliments about how I look or how old/young I look. I now have at least 6 and I’m 2 weeks in using the full set after using the 30 day trial set. So roughly 40-45 days for a skincare system that not only makes you look good but feel good as well." — Jason

"My varying overnight schedule often has me coming home in the morning. Before I say hello to the family I shower and now do my regimen. Before Geologie, getting ANY affection from my wife before her leaving for work was unheard of. So daily I’m using the products, and my wife can not pull herself away from touching, kissing, smelling my face. She describes the difference in the tone and texture of my skin as being a resurrection from ‘Grains of sand to Glam. She’s not far off from that actually being a depiction of my previously rough-razor- irritated-dry-face-and-neck. NOW after Geologie, my wife can’t have just a hug without a kiss and....well, naturally I must oblige." — Owen

“I wanted to gift my husband something personalized and useful. He uses this stuff every day and loves it! He’s never been able to keep up with a skincare routine but Geologie makes it easy with the color coded products for day and night. Even the packaging is thoughtful because it’s easy to travel with and pack in his carryon." — Zeke


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