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Hydrate Your Skin and Fight Wrinkles With Hyaluronic Acid

The great outdoors is not always so great. For starters, it can wreak havoc on our skin. Harsh cold winds, too much sun, and pollution strip away the natural oils and moisturizing factors your skin naturally produces, which leads to drying and eventually your skin cracking into fine lines. 

Sodium Hyaluronate, a powerhouse hydrator and the best form of Hyaluronic Acid, works as a warrior against the visible signs of aging by keeping water on top of your skin. 

How does Sodium Hyaluronate work? 

A long sugar chain capable of forming breathable, water-rich films, Sodium Hyaluronate both slows the evaporation of water from your skin's barrier and makes stores of hydration available, should your skin get thirsty. You can think of Sodium Hyaluronate as time-release moisture. Here's the upside to moist skin: When it stays nice and plump and hydrated, the chances of it cracking into fine lines decreases. 

Rules of the road 

To maximize Hyaluronate's effectiveness as a moisturizer, it should be used in a product that follows a gentle and hydrating face wash. (Hint hint we use Sodium Hyaluronate in our Vital Morning Face Cream, to lock in the moisture given to skin with the Everyday Face Wash.)

We add Sodium Hyaluronate to your Vital Morning Face Cream so that the Hyaluronate can remain at the skin’s surface, slowing the evaporation of water from the skin and keeping water from the Everyday Face Wash—or water used with it—on the skin’s surface.

How does it anti-age?

The exact biochemical mechanism of Sodium Hyaluronate's “anti-aging” effects depend primarily on three things:

(1) How much Hyaluronate is in the formula, and what it has to compete against to get to the skin barrier. 

(2) The state of your skin (there is some evidence that Hyaluronate works best on skin already fortified with moisture, which is why you should use it immediately after the use of a hydrating cleanser).

(3) The molecular weight of the sugar chain.

When formulating both the Everyday Face Wash and the Vital Morning Face Cream, we kept these three Hyaluronate considerations in mind. We choose a Hyaluronate compatible with both the face wash and cream formulas and choose chains of a molecular weight that would best enable the Hyaluronate to be mobile in the cream (giving the product a smooth and non-greasy skin feel), yet able to stay on your skin’s surface.

Sound complicated? Here's what you need to know: Our goal is to give your skin moisture activation over the course of the day to fight against environmental stressors and skin agers.

Any questions? Reach out to us anytime, we like to talk skin! 




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