Ultimate Surfer's Winner Tia Blanco Protects Her Skin with Geologie Sunscreen

When she's not celebrating winning The Ultimate Surfer, Tia Blanco can be found on her social channels practicing yoga, showing off her outstanding painting skills, and promoting her vegan lifestyle.

On Using Sunscreen: "I personally like to use this sunscreen every day even when I am not surfing." said Tia Blanco. "Whether I am doing beach yoga or walking my dog, I make sure to have this on so that my skin is always protected."

The Ingredients: "This formula actually has hyaluronic acid inside of it, so it's very hydrating for your skin, but when you apply it, it gives your skin a kind of mattifying feel." said Blanco. "So what I really like about it is that it didn't leave my skin feeling super oily after I put it on." 

On Sensitive Skin: "I have very sensitive skin, and not only is this sunscreen oil-free and safe for all skin types, but it is also cruelty-free and vegan and is why my skin likes it so much." Said Blanco 

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