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Why We Built Geologie
Everyone loves a good story, so I want to share how I went from rideshare to skincare.
Skin Conditions Caused by Stress and Anxiety
How to get power over your stress and anxiety
The Truth About Acne Scarring
Dr. Steve uses the word "definitionally" and sets us straight about pock marks.
Switching Skincare Routines
This is not your mother's skincare. Here's a roadmap to success.
Light Skinned Guys – Beware the Sun!
But you're a wizard at making vitamin D.
Tips for Men With Dark Skin
Dr. Steve dishes on how melanin affects your skincare routine 
Help Me! How Much Retinol Should I Be Using?
Dr. Steve hears your irritated cry — and he'll talk you down from the redness.
Your Oily Nose, Explained + How to Get Rid of It
Did you know that your nose oil can start a fire?
Popping Myths About Acne
Acne is caused by dirt, right? We put this and 7 other zit myths to rest
This is Your Face on Alcohol
Alcohol puts you in the fast lane to bad skin. Read this for the off-ramp.
What's That Dark Spot on Your Face?
Could be a mole or seborrheic keratosis — or not.
How to Look Younger at 40
There's no antidote for aging, but there are things you can do to keep your glow. Here are 6 of them. 
The 6 Most Frequently Googled Questions About Salicylic Acid
Spoiler Alert — "Is salicylic acid good for acne?" is #1
What We Talk About When We Talk About Popping Pimples
Don’t go commando on your face.
Ask Dr. Steve: Asian Flush — What Is it? 
560 million people suffer from this affliction
How to Deal With Dry Skin
Farewell to flaky face — 5 ways to show your skin barrier some love.
Why is My Face So Dry? 
Snow-globing? Here are 8 reasons why your skin gets drier than the Sahara.
Why You Need An SPF For Your Face 
And what should be in it?
Sun Damage Will Make You Look like an Old Saddlebag 
Good news: it’s avoidable — and correctable
Ask Dr. Steve: Smoother Skin and Uneven Skin Tone — an F.Y.I. 
Got rough and bumpy skin? Blotches? You're not alone — so read this!
Cortisol, Stress and Its Effects On Your Skin
This hormone delivers bad news for your skin — but here’s how you can take control.
Ask Dr. Steve: The 3 Reasons Why Acne Treatments Fail
And can certain foods cause pimples?
The 6 Types of Acne: A Cheat Sheet

Zits can plague teenage years — time to pump up the relief.

Ask Dr. Steve: What’s Causing the Dark Circles Under My Eyes?
Nobody likes looking 10 years older than they really are. Blame thin skin — and do something about it!
Ready, Set, Go — Here’s What Your Face Can Expect in the First 3 Weeks
You’ve made an investment in your skin. Use these starter tips and let's make sure it pays off. 
Oil Futures: What You Need to Know
Oily skin is common among guys and there’s a simple reason for it: testosterone.
Reduce Wrinkles on the Night Shift
Why the nighttime is the right time to make your move
Acne, the Mullet and the Path to Clear Skin
Nostalgic of your teenage years? Not when Acne refuses to say goodbye
Kojic Acid Kills Dark Undereyes
What to expect when you're expecting Kojic Acid to help with dark under eyes.
Truly Complete Skincare
Everything you need and nothing you don't. Geologie makes compatible products with cohesive ingredients.
Adjusting to a New Regimen
What to expect when you change up your skincare routine.
Easing into Retinol
What to expect when you start using Retinol.
Who Loves a Geologie Man?
Healthy skin means your spouse won't leave you alone. Read on for the steamy details.
Dr. Steve Throws Shade on Tanning Beds
Tanning beds lead to skin damage — try these 3 tactics instead for UV benefits.
5 Reasons Why Men are Adopting Skincare
There's a gold rush for your face — why the men's facial product market is booming.
How to Start a Skincare Routine: 14 New Skincare Habit Hacks 
Like a cute puppy, beneficial behavior can be trained.
How to Keep Your Twenty Something Skin
Keep father time at arm's length with this 7-part program
How to Pick the Perfect Skincare Gift 
Your holiday shopping just got easier — no sleuthing required. You're very welcome.
8 Skincare Myths — Debunked
Are you using body wash on your face? Stop it now and read this!
The Temperature is Dropping, Time To Fortify Your Face
Hello cold weather and dry skin — and 4 other ways the temperature can harsh your barrier
6 Ways To Fight Wrinkles 
Hint: there's a hockey puck involved
Our Quest for the Perfect SPF  
A sunscreen three years in the making — Dr. Steve tells us why it took so long.
Ask Geologie: How Long Until I Start Seeing Results?
Answer: How soon is now?
Ask Dr. Steve: Is Sun Tanning Good For You?
Our dermatologist in chief clears up myths about SPF.
The Changing Face of Men’s Skincare
Not too long ago, most men didn't know what to buy or how to get into a routine that will really work.
How to Read Ingredients
Skim the ingredient list quickly by chopping it into thirds.
What "Anti-Aging" Really Means
“Anti-aging” skincare products aren’t time machines for your face. But that would be cool.
Natural Ingredients for Skin Care
We love us a little au naturel — even for our skincare. Sort of. Dr. Steve explains.
Dr. Steve's Favorite Ingredient is Niacinamide — Here’s Why. 
Good for fighting acne, and therefore good for mankind
What's Up With Retinol Burn?
Don't freak out. Your skin is going through training and doesn't like going to the gym.
Activated Charcoal: Better For Your Skin or a Barbecue?
Don’t expect Activated Charcoal to activate your cleansing routine.
Hydrate Your Skin and Fight Wrinkles With Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronate is an effective skin hydrator, if you only give it a chance.
Benefits of Retinol and Why It's the King of Skincare Ingredients
Retinol supercharges the growth of healthy skin cells, keeping your skin looking young and fresh.
Improve Your Zoom Face with Salicylic Acid Face Wash
Say hello to a powerhouse ingredient and say goodbye to acne and flakiness.
Truth in Peptides
We've added peptides as a supporting player in the fight against puffy eyes.