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Why We Built Geologie
Everyone loves a good story, so I want to share how I went from rideshare to skincare.
Ready, Set, Go — Here’s What Your Face Can Expect in the First 3 Weeks
You’ve made an investment in your skin and you want it to pay off. So do we. Get tips on starting your new skincare routine.
Oil Futures: What You Need to Know
Oily skin is common among guys and there’s a simple reason for it: testosterone.
Reduce Wrinkles on the Night Shift
Why The Nighttime is The Right Time to Make Your Move
Acne, the Mullet and the Path to Clear Skin
Nostalgic of your teenage years? Not when Acne refuses to say goodbye
Kojic Acid Kills Dark Undereyes
What to expect when you're expecting Kojic Acid to help with dark under eyes.
Truly Complete Skincare
Everything you need and nothing you don't. Geologie makes compatible products with cohesive ingredients.
Adjusting to a New Regimen
What to expect when you change up your skincare routine.
Easing into Retinol
What to expect when you start using Retinol.
The Changing Face of Men’s Skincare
When it comes to taking care of your skin, most men don’t know what to buy or how to get into a routine that will really work.
Soap vs Sanitizer? Why Suds Reign Supreme
The key to beating the coronavirus is in our hands -- literally. How soap molecules can save our asses.
How to Read Ingredients
Skim the ingredient list quickly by chopping it into thirds.
What "Anti-Aging" Really Means
“Anti-aging” skincare products aren’t time machines for your face. But that would be cool.
Improve Your Zoom Face with Salicylic Acid Cleanser and Face Wash
There’s a powerhouse ingredient that’s clinically proven to treat acne and flakiness that’ll put you on the right path to clear skin. It’s called salicylic acid, and it’s one of the main ingredients in Geologie’s Everyday Face Wash.
Truth in Peptides
We've added peptides as a supporting player in the fight against puffy eyes.